Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Mummies part II

Runnin' on Empty vol.1 (1996)

1. One Potato, Two Potato
2. The House on the Hill
3. Die!
4. (They Call Me) Willie the Wild One
5. The Mummies' Theme
6. Shit
7. The Double Axe
8. Intro
9. Come On Up (live)
10. What a Way to Die (live)
11. The Fly (live)
12. Uncontrollable Urge (live)
13. Justine! (live)
14. (My Love Is) Stronger than Dirt (live)
15. Skinny Minnie (live)
16. One Potato, Two Potato (live)

VBR mp3

Runnin' on Empty vol.2 (1996)

1. Down Home Girl
2. Food Sickles & Girls

3. In and Out

4. (You) Can't Sit Down

5. I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight

6. Dangerman

7. Uncontrollable Urge
8. Girl U Want

9. The Fly

10. The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody

11. Just One More Dance
12. Babba Diddy Baby

13. High Heel Sneakers

192kbps mp3

3 EPs

Shitsville (1990)
1. A Girl Like You
2. That's Mighty Childish
3. (Doin') the Kirk
4. Die!

The Mummies vs. The Wolfmen (split w/the Wolfmen, 1992)
1. The Mummies - Land of 1000 Dances
2. The Mummies - Victim of Circumstances
3. The Wolfmen - Insane in an Insane World
4. The Wolfmen - I Don't Want Noone

Tour '93 (split w/Supercharger, 1993)
1. The Mummies - I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
2. The Mummies - I Should Better Be Looking for Dangerman
3. Supercharger - Bad Boy
4. Supercharger - I'm Beat

variable bitrate mp3

Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Mummies part I

The once and future kings of budget rock, the Mummies did for garage rock what the New Bomb Turks did for punk: stripped it to the frame, made it as raunchy as it deserved to be, and reminded everyone what was cool and crazy about the stuff in the first place. Of course, while the New Bomb Turks were able to build a career out of their roots punk cross-breed, the Mummies achieved their greatest notoriety after they broke up, but it's difficult to imagine the rawest edge of the garage revival bands existing without the guiding influence of the gauze-wrapped foursome.
Formed in San Francisco, CA, in late 1988, the Mummies consisted of Larry Winther on guitar, Maz Kattuah on bass, Trent Ruane on organ and sax, and Russell Quan on drums; though it was sometimes difficult to tell just who was who since the band performed in mummy suits that made them appear to be wrapped from head to toe in Ace bandages. While the band found a home in the West Coast garage/surf revival scene alongside like-minded bands such as the Phantom Surfers and the Untamed Youth, the Mummies set out to be louder, cruder, and more obnoxious than anyone; bashing out frantic and primitive versions of such classics as "Justine" and "Shot Down" alongside middle-finger originals like "Your Ass (Is Next in Line)," "The Thing From Venus," and "Shut Yer Mouth" on cheap vintage gear rescued from pawn shops and garage sales. In 1990, the Mummies' first single appeared (on the band's own Pre-B.S. label), as did several 7"s on other labels followed, including Estrus, Planet Pimp, and Rekkids; eventually, the band's early singles were compiled on the LP The Mummies Play Their Own Records. (The album appeared on LP only; the Mummies made no secret of their antipathy for digital technology, emblazoning their slogan, "F*ck CDs," on the back covers of most of their records and refusing to release their material in the format, though this changed with the dawn of the 21st century.)
In early 1991, the Mummies cut an album for Crypt Records, but the results sounded a bit too clean and tidy for the band's liking, and the album went unreleased (though the material was later pirated on the infamous Fuck the Mummies bootleg); later that year, they took another stab at capturing their lo-fi assault on tape, and the result was their first (and only) proper Mummies studio album, the gloriously obnoxious Never Been Caught. After extensive West Coast gigging, a tour of the Northwest with Thee Headcoats (garage icon Billy Childish called the Mummies his favorite American band) and a brief jaunt to the East Coast, the Mummies threw in the towel in January 1992, shortly before Never Been Caught came out. However, the group briefly reunited in 1993 when fellow San Franciscans Supercharger asked the Mummies to open for them on a tour of Europe; being big fans of Supercharger, the Mummies agreed, and made enough of an impression on European rock fans that they were persuaded to come back for a headlining tour in the Spring of 1994. Since then, Ruane, Kattuah, and Quan have all played with the Phantom Surfers, while Ruane has also worked with the Untamed Youth; Kattuah finds time to play in the Maybellines; and the busy Quan gigs with the Maybellines, the Bobbyteens, the Count Backwurds, and the Dukes of Hamburg. Larry Winther, meanwhile, has recorded with the Orange Peels.

~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Fuck C.D.s! It's the Mummies (1992)

1. Skinny Minnie
2. The Frisco Freeze

3. Red Cobra #9

4. Justine

5. The Thing from Venus

6. Shot Down

7. Shut Yer Mouth

8. Your Ass (Is Next in Line)

9. Stronger than Dirt

10. Little Miss Tee-N-T

11. Come On Up

12. She Lied

13. Sooprize Package for Mr.Mineo

14. The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody

320kbps mp3

Never Been Caught (1992)

1. Your Ass (Is Next in Line)
2. Stronger than Dirt
3. Little Miss Tee-N-T

4. Come On Up

5. Sooprize Package for Mr.Mineo

6. Rosie
7. Shot Down

8. The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody

9. Skinny Minnie

10. She Lied
11. Red Cobra #9

12. The Frisko Freeze

13. Justine
14. Mariconda's a Friend of Mine

15. The Thing from Venus

16. Shut Yer Mouth
17. Jezebel

192kbps mp3

Party at Steve's House (1994)

1. Shake
2. Big Boy Pete
3. Caesar's Gonna Get in Trouble You Know
4. Don Galucci's Balls
5. I Hear You Laughing
6. You Better Stop
7. Babba Diddy Baby
8. Tough Enough
9. Just One More Dance
10. I Don't Like It
11. Duel
12. Zip A Dee Doo Dah

192kbps mp3

The Mummies part II

Thursday, 18 December 2008

No Hope for the Kids

No Hope for the Kids is a Danish punk band that originated from the punk culture evolving around the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. Kasper Maarbjerg had earlier played in the punkbands Hul and Asbest, while the drummer Peter Bonneman is a former member of Amdi Petersens Armé. No Hope for the Kids plays a type of punk that is influenced by early English punk pre-hardcore, also incorporating heavy rock elements. The lyrics of the songs, sung in both English and Danish, evolves around war, death and depression. The group achieved some popularity in the hardcore punk scene, both in Denmark and abroad, mostly by word of mouth when it released its first single, especially in the United States. The band, in addition to other bands like Gorilla Angreb and Amdi Petersens Armé, was part of a wave of interest abroad for Danish punk. This led to tours both in Europe and the USA. Ronni Dybdahl and Kasper Maarbjerg also plays in the spoof band the Natzees.

No Hope for the Kids (2003)

1. Century of Warfare
2. Gasangreb
3. War Wreck
4. Jeg Sε Dem Dψ
5. Kolyma
6. Eyes of War
7. Ready to Kill
8. Rainy Day
9. Battery Acid
10. Suicide City
11. Meningslψs Vold
12. No Hope for the Kids
13. The Ride

192kbps mp3

2 singles

1. Das Reich/Secret Police (2004)
2. Angels of Destruction/Cold Touch of Death (2006)

192kbps mp3

Monday, 15 December 2008

Feedtime part II

Suction (1989)

1. Motorbike Girl
2. Possum
3. Drag Your Dog

4. Ever Again

5. Highway

6. Confused Blues

7. I'll Be Rested

8. Pumping a Line

9. Meter

10. Social Suction

11. Trouble

12. Valve Frank

13. Arse

VBR mp3

Billy (1996)

1. Billy
2. You Don't Know My Mind
3. Melody Line
4. Long Haul
5. Hero
6. Wagon
7. 6-Slap
8. Vigilante Man
9. You
10. Relax Your Mind

192kbps mp3

Feedtime part I

Friday, 12 December 2008

Feedtime part I

Imagine laying your head on railroad tracks, feeling the vibrations of the oncoming train rattling through your head, and leaving your head on the tracks as the train roars over it, and you're getting close to the sonic assault that is Feedtime. Crude, repetitive, droning, simplistic; these are all qualities that lead to big fun when any one of Feedtime's four records lands on your noggin with a resounding thud. In fact, it would be reasonable to more succinctly describe these guys as Australia's Flipper/Big Black/Melvins (pick one). Amazingly, there is something that passes for nuance in each of their records. Emerging from the tar pit of sound are blues licks (albeit the loudest, most-distorted blues licks you've ever heard), folk, and country touches, and art damage on a par with Flipper and Pere Ubu. Ferociously direct, the music of Feedtime is as relentless as it is dark; there are no happy moments here, and the gurgling, vomited-up vocals add to the black mood. That, however, doesn't mean these guys didn't have a sense of humor: their third record, Cooper-S (the title comes from the name of an Australian manufactured sub-compact car) is loaded with covers (Beach Boys, Stones, Ramones, etc.), wherein Feedtime bludgeons each one to death with tongue-in-cheek. Sadly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Feedtime's extreme take on rock & roll ground to a halt in 1989. Maybe they simply were too intense for themselves to continue, but in the meantime they unleased a lugubrious fury of sonic distress that few bands have equalled.
~ John Dougan, All Music Guide

Feedtime (1985)

1. Ha Ha
2. Fastbuck
3. All Down

4. Searching the Desert

5. Doesn't Time Fly

6. Dead Crazy

7. Don't Like

8. F#

9. Clown

10. Gee
11. Southside Johnny

12. Wonder What's the Matter With Papa's Little Angel Child

13. I Wanna Ride

192kbps mp3

Shovel (1988)

1. Shovel
2. Rock n Roll

3. Mother

4. More than Love

5. George

6. Nobody's Fault But Mine

7. Fractured

8. Love Me
9. Baby Baby

10. Nice

11. Shoeshine Shuffle

12. Gun'em Down

13. Dog

14. Curtains

256kbps mp3

Cooper-S (1988)

1. Fun Fun Fun
2. If You Can't
3. The Last Time
4. Hear Me Calling
5. H.D.
6. I Don't Wanna Go Out
7. Lightnings Girl
8. Sad, Lonely & Blue
9. Pure Religion
10. Play With Fire
11. Loudmouth
12. We've Gotta Get Out of This Place
13. Paint It Black
14. Street Fighting Man
15. Ann

256kbps mp3

Feedtime part II

Monday, 8 December 2008

Lipstick Killers

One of the most exciting things to hit a stage anywhere in the late '70s and early '80s were an electroshock-jolt Sydney combo called the Lipstick Killers. Rarely seen outside their home town, they were a musical stun gun with short, sharp, super-charged songs about dead movie stars ("Human Crash"), schoolyard bashings ("Bully"), hippy cults ("Hindu Gods of Love") and limbless freak show performers like Prince Randian ("Sockman"). Formed from the ashes of Radio Birdman supports the Psychosurgeons and confrontational punks Filth, the Lipstick Killers had a reputation as Sydney's most energetic and theatrical band when they upped stakes and moved overseas. The best part of a year of no fame and ill-fortune (much of it spent down and out in West Hollywood) wound up when the band called it a day after moving to L.A. to kick-start an overseas career. They left behind a single on Voxx (the ball-tearing "Hindu Gods of Love" b/w "Shakedown USA") but nothing was heard until the Lipstick Killers came back (briefly) in the late '80s. The twin axis of the band's principals, singer Peter Tillman and guitarist Mark Taylor, did a year (with latter day Killer Steven Mather on bass) as the backbone of fearsome 60s punkers Dr Stone in the early '90s, but with that band's demise the book seemed closed, a posthumous album (Mesmerizer on Citadel) and two more singles ("Sockman" b/w "Pensioner Pie" on Vynil and a self-issued live 45) seemingly the postscript.

Mesmerizer (1984)

1. Hindu Gods of Love
2. Driving the Special Dead
3. Bongo Flip
4. Strange Flash
5. Let's Talk About Girls
6. Sock It to Me Baby
7. Dying Boy's Crawl
8. Twilight of the Idols
9. I've Got Levitation
10. Pharmaceutical Au-Go-Go
11. Out of Our Tree
12. Liquor Fit

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Gories

The emergence of the Gories heralded a new Golden Age of Detroit rock beginning in the late '80s; a renaissance of noise and rustbelt rock which lasts through to today. Formed in 1986 by three Detroit natives, none of whom previously knew how to play an instrument -- Mick Collins, Margaret Ann O'Neill (Peg), and Dan Kroha -- they took their name from a band of the same name which appeared in the "Gidget" series of the late '50s/early '60s. Comprised of two guitarists and a drummer (i.e. no bass), the Gories concocted a primal, raw yet soulful blend of garage punk, culling a wealth of inspiration and cover material from Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf, and John Lee Hooker. The three-piece also paid homage to the Keggs and Nick and the Jaguars, two other bass-less bands from Detroit. The Gories began their recorded career in 1987 with two tracks on the Wanghead With Lips compilation It Came From the Garage, Vol. II, the same compilation which featured Nine Pound Hammer (who would go on to become Nashville Pussy). Len Puch, the owner of Wanghead, recorded and released their first album, House Rockin', in 1989. According to legend, these first Gories recordings were executed in a tin shack. For their second album, Alex Chilton of Big Star joined them as producer, recording I Know You Fine, But How You Doin' for the French label New Rose. Throughout this entire period, the band continued to release various 7" singles, including a cover of Spinal Tap's "Give Me Some Money" for the Sub Pop Singles Club. In 1992, Crypt released Outta Here, their last album, and then re-released both House Rockin' and I Know You Fine in 1994. Since the demise of the Gories, Mick Collins has continued to perform in Blacktop, King Sound Quartet, the Screws, the Dirtbombs, and has contributed to Andre Williams' Silky and The Black Godfather and Speedball Baby's Uptight. Dan Kroha spent some time in Rocket 455, but is primarily known for being one third of another Detroit bass-free rock band, the Demolition Doll-rods. Peg O'Neill recorded a few tracks with '68 Comeback and is in the Darkest Hours from New Orleans.
~ Alex Zorn, All Music Guide

House Rockin' (1988)

1. Feral
2. I Think I've Had It

3. Charm Bag

4. Boogie Chillun

5. I'll Go

6. Hidden Charms

7. Sovereignity Flight

8. You'll Be Mine

9. You Done Got Wrong

10. Sister Ann

11. Give Me Love

12. Let Me Hear the Choir Song

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'? (1990)

1. Hey Hey We're the Gories
2. You Make It Move
3. Detroit Breakdown
4. Stranded
5. Goin' to the River
6. Early in the Morning
7. Thunderbird Esq
8. Nitroglycerine
9. Let Your Daddy Ride
10. Six Cold Feet
11. Smashed
12. Ghostrider
13. Chick-Inn
14. View from Here

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Outta Here (1992)

1. He's Doin' It
2. There But for the Grace of God Go I
3. Outta Here
4. Can't Catch Up With You
5. Crawdad
6. Omologato
7. I Got Eyes for You
8. Telepathic
9. Trick Bag
10. Drowning
11. Rat's Nest
12. 48 Hours
13. Great Big Idol with Golden Head
14. Ichiban

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Monday, 1 December 2008


Scott Morgan's Powertrane is the latest in a long line of rocking rhythm and blues bands from the spiritual home of the genre, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Powertrane was formed early in 2001. When Geoff Ginsberg, president of Real O Minds Records (Philadelphia), brought Robert Gillespie into Forty-Ounce Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan to overdub the guitar work on Morgan's song, "Satisfier", the chemistry between Morgan and Gillespie was immediately apparent. Both are seasoned veterans of Detroit's storied rock-n-roll history. Morgan, the prime soul sound of the Rationals in the 60's, went on to form the nucleus of the Sonic's Rendezvous Band (with Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5) in the 70's, Scots Pirates (with Scott Asheton) in the 80's, and, more recently, the Hydromatics. In the mid 70's, Gillespie was a charter member of the "New MC5" with Rob Tyner; later he and Johnny Angelos teamed up to form the notorious Torpedos. Gillespie joined with Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels in the early 80's, started the Motor City Rockers (with ex-Romantic Jimmy Marinos) in the early 90's, and then returned to work with Mitch Ryder in the mid-90's to present. Joining these Detroit rock-n-roll warriors are two young and talented Ann Arbor-based musicians. Andy Frost has been playing drums with Scott Morgan's Hydromatics lineup and previously played with the High Rollers. Chris Taylor has rocked many local fans as the lead guitarist of the punk band Mazinga; he plays bass guitar for Powertrane. Featuring guest musicians Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Ron Asheton (the Stooges) and Hiawatha Bailey (Cult Heroes), Ann Arbor Revival Meeting is a must-have for aficionados of the Motor City sound.

Ann Arbor Revival Meeting (2003)

1. R.I.P. R&R
2. Hangin' On

3. Runaway Slaves
4. Ready to Ball

5. Blood from a Stone

6. Taboo

7. Earthy

8. Shellback

9. Love and Learn

10. What Gives

11. Dangerous

12. Outside

13. 1969

14. I Wanna Be Your Dog

15. Down on the Street

16. No Fun

17. TV Eye

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

Beyond the Sound (2007)

1. Chilly Willy Is Missing
2. Beyond the Sound
3. Mixed Up Shook Up World
4. Ain't No Time
5. Inner-Flight Head Royale
6. Pearl
7. One-Eyed Jacks
8. Nightliner
9. I Stole Everything
10. Taboo
11. Talk Is Cheap

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

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