Saturday, 8 June 2013

No More Punks

It's been a whole year and unfortunately I don't see any way of me making another post here. Rapidshare has made a habit of screwing things up royally for the last couple of years and, apart from that, I really can't seem to have the time or the will to be bothered to upload everything back up or to even start making new posts and upload new stuff; so please don't make any requests for reuploads. Internet is vast you know, you can find literally everything you need without looking for rapidshare links, Soulseek being my preferred method when it comes to music. I'd like to thank all the followers of this blog and everyone that supported it in any way, including the ones that bothered to leave a thank-you comment.
Punks Make Your Day might be over, but I will be moving on (I already have, actually) to Parasighting; hope to see you there. Cheers \m/
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