Sunday, 27 February 2011

Porch Ghouls

Busting up the country blues so they can have fun putting the pieces back together, the Porch Ghouls are a Memphis, TN, four-piece that cross-breeds pure, unpolished Southern blues with the gritty energy of punk rock and come up with a fusion they call "Ruckus Music." The Porch Ghouls were formed in the summer of 1997 as a Gainesville, FL, trio called the Ghastly Ones. The original lineup was comprised of two members of the group Grit Kisser -- Eldorado Del Ray and Bon Musclecar -- and their pal Son Rocket. The group adopted the name the Porch Ghouls when they discovered a band in California was already using the name the Ghastly Ones, and the unfriendly environment for left-of-center bands in Florida led them to hit the road for New Orleans; after a short stay in the Crescent City, the group settled in Memphis. The group faced a number of personnel changes in Memphis before settling on a stable lineup of Eldorado Del Ray on Dobro guitar and lead vocals, Slim Electro on electric guitar, Randy Valentine on harmonica, and Duke Baltimore on percussion (mostly an amplified suitcase). This lineup cut the group's debut EP in 2001, though by the end of the year, Duke Baltimore had been replaced by a female drummer, Lady Baltimore. In 2002, the Porch Ghouls gained an unexpected ally in Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, who heard the band, liked their stripped-back and bluesy sound, and signed them to his newly-formed record label, Roman Records. The band's first album for the Sony-distributed imprint was released in 2003.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

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Porch Ghouls EP (2001)

VBR mp3

Bluff City Ruckus (2003)

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Sore Losers (1997)

Blackie (Jack Oblivian) is an immortal from the Killer Frequency. He was sent to Earth in 1954 to prove his worth as an assassin by killing exactly 12 random victims within a certain span of time, something he failed to do. Forty years later he has returned to take the remaining three lives -- no more, no less -- that he requires to fulfill his prophecy. A lot has changed since he's been gone, though, and there are forces conspiring to keep him Earthbound. He takes on a vicious, trigger-happy femme fatale (Kerine Elkins) who exceeds the quota when she murders both of her parents, so they must drive around with her mother's corpse in the backseat until a new victim can be chosen by the Elder of the Lo-Fi Frequency (veteran roadshow man David F. Friedman). Meanwhile, Blackie's insane best friend (Mike Maker) falls in love with Goliatha (D'Lana Tunnell), a motorcycle-riding sideshow girl with a very short attention span ("What did you say, anyway?") who might have something to do with the Apocalypse. Goliatha has been chosen as the final victim, but she's arrested by the Men in Black (played by all three members of Japanese trash-rockers Guitar Wolf) for the crimes that Blackie has committed, and if she dies in the electric chair before he can get to her, all hope is lost. This fast-paced sci-fi exploitation feature features a raw-boned musical score from a variety of high quality punk-garage bands including '68 Comeback, Mick Collins, and the Royal Pendletons.

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1. Tim Kearne - Blackie Is an Immortal... 1:15
2. Jack Taylor Experience - The Sore Losers 1:52
3. The Makers - Modern Day Freak 2:35
4. Guitar Wolf - Invader Ace 3:09
5. Mick Collins - Hoodlum, A.D. 3:18
6. Daphne Diaphanous - Guntown 1:29
7. Tim Feleppa - Knockturne 2:00
8. Poll Sci Clone - Alien Brains 2:58
9. Tim Kearne - Mike Was Always Fond of Mayhem... 1:01
10. '68 Comeback - Funky Kuntry Capers 2:36
11. Nick Diablo - Gotta Let Your Spirit Ride 3:14
12. '68 Comeback - '68 2:12
13. The Royal Pendeltons - No Teasin' Round 3:02
14. Mick Collins - Bump & Grind 2:06
15. Jack Oblivian - Vice Party 2:49
16. Tim Kearne - Kerine Loved To Bang... 1:09
17. Cris Clarity - Solar Prime 1:08
18. Cris Clarity - Rock N' Roll Band 3:45
19. Jack Oblivian - Spi-Fi (Subsonic) 1:05
20. '68 Comeback - Smack Dab (In the Middle) 2:12
21. The Drags - Shovel Fight 1:02
22. Los Diablos del Sol - Wild Sound 3:02
23. Gasoline - African Cowboy 3:17
24. Jack Oblivian - Bad Man 2:35
25. Tim Kearne - D'lana Is... Was... 1:08
26. '68 Comeback - Go Go Goliatha 2:58
27. The Drags - Suicide Wipers 1:39
28. The Makers - Time of Day 1:57
29. The Royal Pendeltons - (I'm a) Sore Loser 2:22
30. Mick Collins - GarageFather 0:29

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dread Astaire

Sonically striking, hard to categorize, and burdened by the failure of their country’s any positive disposition towards oddity, Dread Astaire are indeed fascinating-and full of paradox. They crave to be heard; yet, they chose to launch their own Fuzzie label in order to record and distribute a series of vinyl releases, in an era dominated by i-Poddity. They nod to ambition; still, their ambition’s accomplishable through shitty rehearsal rooms and scrappy concert spaces. Indeed, Dread Astaire often admire each other too much to care about recognition. They respect no expressional boundaries, spanning blues, noise, punk, repetition, improvisation, straight-out rock’n’roll, and more. However difficult it is to give an accurate definition of their cultural location, we can clearly inscribe them in one importand genre: Fuzzbass. Fuzz is about surface, fuzzbass about depth. Fuzz about pleasure, fuzzbass about intensity. Fuzz about the spirituality of electricity, fuzzbass about reaching out to you. But are you gonna be there?

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Hipbeat/Bassassination single (2006)

192kbps mp3

Take Time to Hate Me EP (2006)

192kbps mp3

Playstation (2009)

320kbps mp3

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (2005)

If rock & roll is the bastard child of the blues, it's only one of many. Junior Kimbrough was rumored to have sired 36 children before his passing in 1998, but on this tribute CD, Fat Possum Records brings together 15 of bluesman Kimbrough's spiritual bastards, including some absolute legends of underground rock. Opening and closing with two different versions of "You Better Run", the reunited Iggy & the Stooges go straight for the throat, as would be expected. More surprising are the contributions from Spiritualized, who complete their transition from space-age gospel shoegazers to the blues-rock already hinted at in recent recordings, while the Blues Explosion pass on their well-known punkified yelp in exchange for a more straight rendition of "Meet Me in the City." Other rockers well-known for their blues roots are the Black Keys and Screaming Trees/Queens of the Stone Age vocalist Mark Lanegan, whose lesser known cover of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" inspired the infamous Nirvana unplugged version. The loosest recording comes from U.K. youngsters the Fiery Furnaces. Their version of "I'm Leaving" showcases Eleanor Friedberger's impressive juke-joint voice while brother Matthew Friedberger's quick-fingered guitar playing is the most skillful on display. It is inspiring that yet another generation of unkempt rockers are aware of the quickly disappearing blues' originals, and occasionally even up-stage the elder rockers, all of whom, of course, Kimbrough would have considered young'uns.
~ Joshua Glazer, All Music Guide

1. Iggy & The Stooges - You Better Run (version #1) 3:38
2. Spiritualized - Sad Days Lonely Nights 5:40
3. Blues Explosion - Meet Me In the City 4:03
4. Heartless Bastards - Done Got Old 3:06
5. The Black Keys - My Mind Is Rambling 6:50
6. The Fiery Furnaces - I'm Leaving 3:50
7. Pete Yorn - I Feel Good Again 3:55
8. Cat Power & Entrance - Do the Romp 3:27
9. Mark Lanegan - All Night Long 4:18
10. Thee Shams - Release Me 4:36
11. Jim White - Done Got Old 2:51
12. Outrageous Cherry - Lord Have Mercy On Me 3:05
13. Whitey Kirst - Pull Your Clothes Off 3:45
14. Jack Oblivian - I'm In Love With You 2:20
15. The Ponys - Burn In Hell 6:13
16. Iggy & The Stooges - You Better Run (version #2) 5:26

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Let it be known then that the Hormonas take some basic elements of what is known as garage, punk rock and psycho trash-a-billy, and mercilessly whip it up into their own sonic blastings which send them spinning into a maelstrom of tension and barely controlled menace. With hoodoo-voodoo vibes a-plenty, real cool time primitive drumming, played by Michela, and some full-on spidery / echo guitar scratchin’ n slashin’ going on, the band are to be found somewhere on the brink of – dare I mention it – Crampsian mayhem and rockin’ debauchery. Arriving on the scene in Venice, Italy in the early 2000's, the Hormonas have taken their twisted rock’n’roll show on the road all over Italy, and over to London too, sharing bills along the way with everyone from Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, fellow Italians the Rippers, and US musician / producer Tim Kerr. The Hormonas play the kind of stylised dirty and raw, sometimes furious garage punk-blues that certain acts, some currently enjoying global fame status, could only hope to dream about. With the Hormonas, it’s like they’ve got the sound of the suburban teen garage hang-outs, and the ‘gator-infested swamps in their alcohol-soaked veins and play like their very lives depend on it.

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Teenage Pussy single (2003)

192kbps mp3

split w/Kim's Teddy Bears (2004)

320kbps mp3

Dead Love Blues (2005)

256kbps mp3

Why Did You Leave Me Baby? (2007)

192kbps mp3

A Belly Full o'Tears (2010)

128kbps mp3

Monday, 14 February 2011

Attack of the One-Man Bands! (2007)

Attack of the One-Man Bands is exactly that, 58 different one-man bands spread over two discs of raw, crude, and fascinatingly brilliant blasts of sonic madness, most of it so ragged and urgent that it makes vintage punk sound like Air Supply. So unhinged that it's probably a serious health risk, this set delivers cut after cut of glorious bedlam with all the subtlety of an amplified jackhammer set loose in a glass house, and anyone sane should probably hate it, but like a child's tantrum, it's impossible to ignore, and like the child that throws that tantrum, it's impossible not to love. Each of these one-man bands is currently active, and while most are decidedly lo-fi, even the ones who wandered into real studios seem to treat them like giant boom boxes, creating a clatter and din that shoves the needle into the red from note one. While a good deal of what is here is vicious punk rockabilly like Phillip Roebuck's crude, spare, and dangerously kinetic "Jackass Blues" or Pete Yorko & the One Man Music Band's "Like Me" assault, some of it, like Royer's One Man Band's version of the fiddle classic "Train on the Island" or 1Man Banjo's deconstruction of "Mole in the Ground" (simply called "Mole" here), is seriously bent and skewed bluegrass mountain music. Trainwreck Washington's banjo piece called "Walked All Night" sounds like an old wax cylinder field recording, and feels like it was recorded a hundred years ago. Uncle Butcher's "No Judge, No Trial" is as raw and frightening as a running chain saw thrown on a feather bed, chickens flying everywhere, as they say. Then there's the Amazing Elephant Man's primal "Can't Go Outside," which is literally a child's frustrated rant given rhythm and electricity. Scary, unsettling, fascinating, delightful, vital, urgent and insistent, these 58 tracks are somehow -- for all their abrasiveness -- oddly comforting. Just like that one vigilant dog barking away relentlessly down the street late at night, it means someone is watching after all, and they ain't gonna keep quiet about it, even if the rest of the world is trying its best to sleep.
~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide

1. Al Foul - I Know I'm Gonna Die Tonight 2:31
2. Bloodshot Bill - Been Tellin' Lies 2:47
3. Phillip Roebuck - Jackass Blues 2:37
4. Rollie Tussing - Milwaukee Blues 2:25
5. Lonesome Joseph - If You Love Me 4:58
6. Slim Sandy - You Can't Fool Me 2:23
7. King Louie - Walkin' and A-Steppin' in the Fire 2:06
8. Haunted George - Howlin' 1:49
9. Sachtrash - Stay Out and Down 2:49
10. Fredovitch One Man Band - Troublin' Time 2:38
11. 1Man Banjo - Mole 3:40
12. Toothless George - I F**kin' Suck (in G maj.) 3:13
13. Royer's One Man Band - Train On The Island 2:02
14. Dead Elvis & The One Man Grave - Long Gone, Dead and Done 1:17
15. Mr. Bonz One Man Band - Wild Party 1:47
16. Chuck Violence - Introducing Chuck Violence 2:10
17. Dennis Hopper Choppers - Lust 2:55
18. Bram Riddlebarger and His Lonesome Band - Rhythm & Soul 1:38
19. Trainwreck Washington - Walked All Night 2:43
20. Ghostwriter - Preacher's Daughter 3:40
21. Esmerelda Strange - Que Viva La Chava 3:52
22. J. Marinelli - Lying In State 2:03
23. Big One Man Band - Too Much Bad In My Blood 3:08
24. Long Boy Larsen - When You're Far Away 2:32
25. Mississippi Grover - I'm Buried Alive 2:50
26. Twang Tango - Drinking Every Night 2:30
27. The Slow Poisoner - Purgatory Rock 2:26
28. Stringybark McDowell - Kyleeee 2:58
29. BBQ - Hang On 1:44
30. Jeffrey Novak - Nothing To Do 1:22
31. El Paso Hot Button - Snake Boy Lives in the Mississippi 2:51
32. Skip Jensen & His Shakin' Feet - Abscond 2:21
33. Guitar Fucker - F**k Me I'm Poor 2:43
34. Reverend Beat-Man - Bloddy F**king C**t 2:26
35. John Schooley - Rock'N'Roll Party With the One Man Band 1:39
36. The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama - You Got To Love 1:53
37. King Automatic - I Don't Give a F**k 2:16
38. Ottoboy the One Man Trash Band - Lo Ride 2:45
39. Reverend J. Brennan - The Lord Told Me You Got Fat 1:13
40. The Feeling of Love - Revenge 3:33
41. Urban Junior - Music for the Asses 3:16
42. The Limbs - Bad Anna 3:29
43. The Uncle Butcher - No Judge, No Trial 4:43
44. Junior Disorder - Angry Heart 1:35
45. Sheriff Perkins - Black Bowtie 1:39
46. Scott H. Biram - Plow You Under 3:03
47. Margaret Doll Rod - Who's Gonna Rub Me 1:47
48. Almighty Do Me A Favor - You're Wrong 1:46
49. Lone Bird - Business 2:15
50. Pete Yorko - Like Me 2:11
51. Johnny Lowebow - Little Darling 2:59
52. Reverend Deadeye - Hellfire Down 1:40
53. Rocket Craig - Alien Novelty Song 3:13
54. Mosquito Bandito - Laser Beams 2:10
55. O Lendario Chucrobillyman - Guitarra Missil 2:57
56. Amazing Elephant Man - Can't Go Outside 1:59
57. One Man Hand - So Alone 3:08
58. Johnny Cancer - Do Your Own Thing 3:51

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Download 2/2

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Demon's Claws

Demon's Claws are one of the many bands to emerge from Montreal's thriving garage punk underground, playing a gritty mixture of folk-rock, country, and blues that's won them comparisons to the Rolling Stones and the Pretty Things, as well as punk-blues pioneers the Gun Club. (The Demon's Claws have been given the seal of approval by the folks at Norton Records, who released their cover of "Factory Girl" as part of their series of split singles of classic Rolling Stones tunes.) Demon's Claws were founded in 2003 by Jeff Clarke (aka Lester Del Ray and Rudy Stanko), a former member of the Cut Offs and the Normals, taking the group name from a sharply turned piece of track that came with a toy racing car set he owned as a child. Also featuring Pat Meteor on guitar, Ysael Pepin (aka Le Lutin) on bass, and Serge Gendron (aka Skip Jensen) on drums, Demon's Claws released their first single in 2005 for the German P. Trash label, with a self-titled full-length album appearing on the same imprint later that year. The New Zealand-based Perpetrator Records issued the band's next single, and in 2006, Serge Gendron left the band, with B-Man Le Duke taking over on drums; they same year they also added a keyboard player, Piero Ilov. The band toured Canada frequently and made occasional trips to the United States, where they formed a mutual appreciation society with manic Atlanta garage punks Black Lips, who took the band on road as an opening act and shared the Norton Records Stones tribute 7" with them. Along with a single for Rob's House Records, Demon's Claws released their second full-length album in 2007, Satan's Little Pet Pig, which was distributed by the noted garage punk outfit In the Red Records. After a long gap, their next album The Defrosting of appeared in October of 2010.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

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Demon's Claws (2005)

192kbps mp3

Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007)

192kbps mp3

Sick Chili (2008)

320kbps mp3

Lost in the Desert (2009)

VBR mp3

The Defrosting of (2010)

320kbps mp3

6 singles and 1 EP

1. Demon's Claws single (2005)
2. Tomcat single (2005)
3. Live in Spring Branch, TX EP (2006)

4. What to Do/Factory Girl single (split w/Black Lips, 2007)

5. That Old Outlaw single (2007)

6. Fucked on Ketamine single (2008)
7. Weird Ways single (2008)

variable bitrate mp3

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Strangers 1800

Strangers 1800 is a side-project created by three Deadbolt members which performed music from Spaghetti Western films and TV Westerns. During the brief time of their existence, they released one 6-track EP.

When Men Were Men (1995)

VBR mp3

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