Monday, 30 June 2008

Rocket from the Crypt part I

Rocket from the Crypt was an American rock band led by John Reis, formed in 1990 in San Diego, California and disbanded in 2005. Of Reis' many musical endeavors, Rocket from the Crypt were the most successful and most internationally recognized. The band gained critical praise and the attention of major record labels after the release of their 1992 album "Circa: Now!", leading to a recording contract with Interscope Records. They experienced a surge of popularity with the release of the albums "Scream, Dracula, Scream!" (1995) and "RFTC "(1998), accompanied by numerous vinyl singles and EPs released on independent labels. However, album sales were not as high as expected and Interscope soon turned their attention to higher-grossing acts. The band left the label, and shortly thereafter drummer Atom Willard departed the group. After a period of inactivity in 1999 and 2000, during which Reis formed Hot Snakes and Sultans and launched his Swami Records label, the band signed to Vagrant Records and recruited new drummer Ruby Mars. They experienced a revitalization of creative energy and released two more albums, but were not as prolific as in the past. Over the next few years the band members drifted into other projects and Rocket from the Crypt became less the focus. They decided to disband in 2005, playing a sold-out farewell show on Halloween in their hometown of San Diego.

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Paint as a Fragrance (1991)

1. French Guy
2. Maybelline
3. Shy Boy
4. Basturds

5. Velvet Touch

6. Evil Party

7. Stinker

8. Jiggy Jig

9. Weak Superhero

10. Thumbmaster

format: mp3
bitrate: 160kbps

Circa: Now! (1992)

1. Short Lip Fuser
2. Hippy Dippy Do
3. Ditch Digger

4. Don't Darlene

5. Killy Kill

6. Hairball Alley

7. Sturdy Wrists

8. March of Dimes

9. Little Arm

10. Dollar
11. Glazed

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Hot Charity (1995)

1. Pushed
2. Guilt Free
3. Poison Eye
4. My Arrow's Aim
5. Feathered Friends
6. Cloud Over Branson
7. Lorna Doom
8. Shucks
9. Pity Yr Paws

format: mp3
bitrate: 224kbps

Rocket from the Crypt part II

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The BellRays part II

The Red, White & Black (2005)

1. Remember
2. Street Corner
3. Sister Disaster

4. You're Sorry Now

5. Revolution Get Down

6. Used to Be

7. Find Someone to Believe In

8. Some Confusion City

9. Poison Arrow

10. Black Is the Color
11. Stone Rain

12. Rude Awakening

13. Voodoo Train
14. Startime

15. Mele Ipu Elua

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Have a Little Faith (2006)

1. Tell the Lie
2. Time Is Gone
3. Chainsong (I've Been Searchin')
4. Pay the Cobra
5. Snotgun

6. Have a Little Faith In Me

7. Change the World

8. Detroit Breakdown (Horn Interlude)

9. Lost Disciples

10. Everyday I Think of You

11. Maniac Blues

12. Third Time's the Charm

13. Beginning from the End

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Hard Sweet and Sticky (2008)

1. The Same Way
2. One Big Party
3. Infection
4. Coming Down
5. Footprints on Water
6. Blue Against the Sky
7. Psychotic Hate Man
8. The Fire Next Time
9. That's Not the Way It Should Be
10. Wedding Bells
11. Pinball City

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

The BellRays part I

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The BellRays part I

Vocalist Lisa Kekaula guitarist Bob Venuum formed the BellRays around 1990 in Riverside, CA. Originally, the duo leaned heavily on a vintage R&B sound flecked with smoky jazz overtones. But with the addition of guitarist Tony Fate and Venumm moving to bass, the sound soon began to mix Kekaula's alley cat soul vocals with a biting punk rock bottom end. The "In the Light of the Sun" cassette release appeared in 1993, followed by the "Wall of Soul" 7" two years later. The BellRays issued their debut full-length, "Let It Blast", in 1998 and supported it with an extensive tour that included a particularly fiery appearance at Austin's South by Southwest conference. By now, drummer Ray Chin had joined the fold, and the 'Rays were making waves with their furiously passionate sound. The "Grand Fury" LP dropped in 2001 from Los Angeles indie Upper Cut and was followed by a European release combining it with "Let It Blast". Tours with notables like Rocket From the Crypt and Nashville Pussy continued to spread the word, and In Music We Trust reissued "In the Light of the Sun". 2003 saw the Upper Cut release of "Raw Collection", an odds 'n' sods compilation featuring B-sides, rarities, and vinyl-only material from 1995 through 2002.
~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

In the Light of the Sun (1993)

1. Crazy Water
2. Wandering Spirits
3. Footprints on Water
4. Same Ground

5. Can I Make You Want Me

6. Tell Me What the Sun Said

7. He's Gone Wrong

8. Blue, Blue, Blue

9. You'd Better Find a Way
10. In the Light of the Sun

11. The Ghost I'm After

12. Tell Me What You've Been Working On

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Let It Blast (1998)

1. Future Now!
2. Changing Colours

3. Cold Man Night
4. Today Was

5. Kill the Messenger

6. Blue Cirque
7. Good Behaviour

8. Testify
9. Dark Horse Pigeon

10. Hole in the World

11. Dead

12. Killer Man

13. Fuzzhead

14. King of the World
15. Black Honey

16. Blues for Godzilla
17. Get on Thru

format: mp3
bitrate: 160kbps

Grand Fury (2000)

1. Noise Fragment
2. Too Many Houses in Here
3. Fire on the Moon

4. Snake City

5. Ska Driver

6. Screwdriver

7. Heat Cage
8. Evil Morning

9. Zero P.M.
10. Do You Speak English

11. Stupid F**kin People

12. Have a Little Faith in Me

13. Monkey House

14. Little Funny Jam
15. Warhead

16. Under the Mountain
17. They Glued Your Heart On Upside Down
18. Hello Hello

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Raw Collection (2002)

1. You're Sorry Now
2. Nights in Venice
3. Half a Mind
4. Mind's Eye
5. Swastika
6. Gather Darkness
7. Mother Pinball
8. Suicide Baby
9. Chemical
10. Tie Me Down
11. Say What You Mean
12. Rude Awakening
13. I Lost the Feeling
14. The Same Way

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The BellRays part II

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Hellacopters - Goodnight Cleveland

"Goodnight Cleveland" is a fly on the wall documentary following the Hellacopters on their 2002 tour of America. Informed by the techniques of cinema verité and direct cinema developed in the 1960's by master documentary filmmakers, the band is allowed the space to do what they do without intrusions of any kind from the filmmaker, allowing for glimpses into the magical and mundane moments of everyday life in a hard working action rock band abroad. The Hellacopters: Goodnight Cleveland is a relaxed and open-handed portrait of a band on the road. Essential viewing for anyone pondering a career in the music business, or anyone merely curious.

format: DivX
languages: English, Swedish
subtitles: English (external)
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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Deadbolt - Hobo Babylon (2001)

1. She Walks With the Dead
2. Hobo Babylon
3. One Day I Will Kill You
4. It Was You
5. Bitch Tried to Kill Me
6. Creep Me
7. Come On and Get It
8. Po' Boy
9. Big Man make a Fool of You
10. Patches Rides the Rail
11. Drunk Guy on the Train
12. Who Whacked Paully
13. The Hearse
14. hidden track

format: mp3
bitrate: 160kbps

Deadbolt discography

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Head Cat

The Head Cat is an all star group consisting of Motorhead's Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom, drummer from Stray Cats, and Danny Harvey, guitarist from 13 Cats. Nine of the fifteen songs in their debut are Buddy Holly's tunes, while the rest are cover versions of songs from Jimmy Reed, T-Bone Walker, Lloyd Price, Carl Perkins, Elvis and Johnny Cash. All this meaning that this is pure rockabilly revival at its best.

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Fool's Paradise (2006)

1. Fool's Paradise
2. Tell Me How
3. You Got Me Dizzy
4. Not Fade Away
5. Cut Across Shortly
6. Lawdy Miss Clawdy
7. Take Your Time
8. Well...All Right
9. Trying to Get to You
10. Learning the Game
11. Peggy Sue Got Married
12. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
13. Love's Made a Fool of You
14. Big River
15. Matchbox

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Turpentines

The Turpentines were a Swedish high-energy rock n'roll band, comprised of genuine offsprings of the great Scandinavian rock n'roll outbreak during the late 90's/early 00's. They released 2 albums in which what they deliver can only be described as "pure rock n'roll". The Hellacopters covered the Turpentines' song "No Salvation" in their final album "Head Off".

American Music for American People (1998)

1. Not So Cool
2. Move Fast

3. Lie to Me

4. Everything Is More than OK

5. One Thing

6. Don't Even Care

7. She Belong to Jesus

8. Dickhead

9. GTO
10. Gimme the Shakes

11. No Salvation

12. Bad Shit

13. This Ain't the Way

bitrate: 192kbps

By Popular Demand (2000)

1. Tryin Hard
2. Handsome Lonesome
3. Ain't My Decision
4. Tough Luck Mary Ann
5. High
6. What a Way to Burn
7. Take It Like a Man, Man
8. 500cc
9. The Girl from Baltimore
10. Useless Memory
11. Busy Being Someone Else
12. Point Blank Mind

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Flattery - A Tribute to Radio Birdman vols.1-3

vol.1 (1999)

1. Hellride (Norway) - Non-Stop Girls
2. The Candy Snatchers (Virginia, USA) - Murder City Nights

3. The Hellacopters (Sweden) - Time To Fall

4. The A-Bombs (Sweden) - Crying Sun
5. Sheek the Shayk (Australia) - Love Kills

6. Bon Fuhrer (Pennsylvania, USA) - New Race

7. The Dead City Rebels (Ottawa, Canada) - Breaks My Heart

8. Red Shift (Australia) - Hit Them Again

9. Hellenic Zeal (Australia) - 455 SD

10. The Crums (Virginia, USA) - Hand Of Law

11. The Boyettes (Australia) - Didn't Tell The Man

12. The Quadrajets (Alabama, USA) - Man With Golden Helmet

13. Adam West (Washington D.C., USA) - Burned My Eye

14. The Powder Monkeys (Australia) - Smith & Wesson Blues

15. The Onyas (Australia) - Snake

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

vol.2 (2000)

1. Gluecifer (Norway) - Monday Morning Gunk
2. Resin Scraper (Ottawa, Canada) - What Gives?

3. The BellRays (California, USA) - If I Wanted To
4. Silver Tongued Devil (Pennsylvania, USA) - TPBR Combo

5. The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (California, USA) - Iskender Time

6. The Nomads (Sweden) - Hanging On
7. The Yes-Men (Australia) - Anglo Girl Desire
8. Sator (Sweden) - Alone In The Endzone

9. Kike Turmix & No Wonder (Spain) - Aloha Steve and Danno
10. The Failures (Pennsylvania, USA) - Do The Pop

11. The Spoilers (Australia) - Descent Into The Maelstrom

12. The Finkers (Australia) - I-94
13. The Nitwitz (Holland) - Dark Surprise

14. Gorka Secta & The Safety Pins (Spain) - Snake
15. Demons (Sweden) - Radios Appear Medley

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

vol.3 (2007)

1. The Tip Toppers (Norway) - Hanging On
2. The M-16s (Australia) - Monday Morning Gunk
3. The Sacred Sailors (Sweden) - Non-Stop Girls
4. Holy Curse (France) - Crying Sun
5. The Sewergrooves (Sweden) - Smith & Wesson Blues
6. The Flaming Sideburns (Finland) - El Hombre del Casco Dorado (Man with Golden Helmet)
7. The Lucky Punch (Germany) - Love Kills
8. Mean Idols (Finland) - I-94
9. The Specimens (Australia) - Death By The Gun
10. The Doits (Sweden) - Snake
11. Mustang (Australia) - Anglo Girl Desire
12. The Trassels (Finland) - Burned My Eye
13. The Devilrock Four (Australia) - Murder City Nights
14. American Ruse (USA) - Do the Pop
15. The Mutants (Finland) - Alien Skies
16. The Deadbeats (Sweden) - Aloha Steve and Danno
17. The Lords of Gravity (Australia) - More Fun
18. Bad Machine (Finland) - What Gives?
19. Demons featuring Nicke Andersson (Sweden) - Living Eyes Medley

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR
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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Yawning Man

Yawning Man was born in the middle ‘80s and it’s currently formed by Alfredo Hernandez - drums (ex-Kyuss, ex-Queens of the Stone Age); Mario Lalli - bass (Fatso Jetson, Orquesta del Desierto, Across the River) and Gary Arce - guitars (The Sort of Quartet, Oddio Gasser).
Yawning Man’s music sounds like a melancholic mix of acoustic space rock with elements of surf music, as well as middle eastern guitar style. Yawning Man was responsible for influencing music in the desert and creating a sound which today is still trying to be duplicated.

Myspace site

Rock Formations (2005)

1. Rock Formations
2. Perpetual Oyster

3. Stoney Lonesome

4. Split Tooth Thunder

5. Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway

6. Airport Boulevard

7. Advanced Darkness

8. She Scares Me
9. Crater lake

10. Buffalo Chips

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps

Pot Head EP (2005)

1. Manolete
2. Digital Smoke Signal
3. Encounters with an Angry God
4. Samba de Primavera

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps

Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Last Drive

The Last Drive are a Greek garage rock n'roll band (occasionally moving through surf and stoner rock among others through the years) formed back in 1983 with a long and remarkable history on their back , and they are considered by most the greatest and most important Greek band of the genre. They split up in 1995 but since 2007 they're back together giving incredible live shows all over Greece.

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Underworld Shakedown (1986)

1. Me & My Wings
2. Valley of Death

3. Poison

4. Misirlou

5. This Fire Inside

6. Blue Moon

7. Sidewalk Stroll

8. The Shade of Fever

9. Every Night

10. The Night of the Phantom

11. Repulsion

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Heatwave (1988)

1. I Love Cindy
2. Heatwave 88

3. Joe Espositoes Gun

4. Devil May Care

5. Gone Gone Gone

6. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

7. Blue City Shores

8. Whisper Her Name

9. Baby, It's Real

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Blood Nirvana (1990)

1. Bite
2. Overloaded

3. Chain Train

4. Desert Rose

5. The Bad Roads

6. Cool Spine

7. Slave to the Wave

8. Holy War

9. Sweet Thing

10. Fleshdiver
11. Time Has Come Today

12. Have Mercy

13. Black Limo

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

F**khead Entropy (1992)

1. Shot With Crystal Ball in my Hands
2. Novocain Rush
3. Jailbird

4. Sinner

5. The End inc.

6. 8Ball

7. Killhead Therapy

8. King of Jokers
9. Offshore

10. 13

11. May This Bullet

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Subliminal (1994)

1. Blood from a Stone
2. Skin
3. Happy Crasher
4. Sister Dawn
5. The Drop
6. 1313, Hallucino drive
7. Helmethead
8. House of Fire
9. Final Kick
10. Zero Resistance
11. For the Sick (a Prayer n' a Gun)
12. 20000 Miles

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Thee Merry Widows

Thee Merry Widows are Northern California’s original all female psychobilly band. Formed in 2003 by upright bassist Nikki Nightbreed and vocalist Miss Eva von Slut, the girls decided to explore their mutual love of horror/exploitation films, domination, and all things dark. Miss Eva also brings her background in burlesque into the live performances.
Added to the mix was drummer Andrea, who brings her own SciFi sensibility to the band. After a lineup change, the band is rounded out by veteran punk rthymn guitarist Mistress Mandy (formerly of Violet Discord) and punk rock sweetheart Nishone on lead guitar.
The SF Weekly recommends seeing “the psychobilly stylings of Thee Merry Widows (which features the notable presence of buxom blond burlesque queen Miss Eva von Slut),” and the band has been featured in such international fetish magazines as Skin Two and Marquis.
Zero Magazine says “Thee Merry Widows are turning heads around the Bay. An original all-female psychobilly band, these women rock like every night is a party and every show is a special occasion…..This ain’t your mama’s psychobilly… Thee Merry Widows don’t give a damn about their reputation; they just want to rock. If you’re into hot rods, classic pinups, rockin’ and simply having a blast, this five piece will be right up your alley.” (May 2004) and Scary from the Hellbillys calls Thee Merry Widows “(One of our) favorite local bands to play with “ (Zero Magazine, July 2004).
Thee Merry Widows have already opened for and toured with such psychobilly legends as Mad Sin, Nekromantix, the Hellbillys, Hayride to Hell, Chop Tops and the Phenomenauts.

Official site
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Revenge Served Cold (2006)

1. Aileen
2. The Curse

3. Cruel Mistress

4. Revenge
5. All of Them Witches

6. Black Widow

7. Deadly Kiss

8. Girl Assassins

9. Grave Robbers

10. Holy Hack Jack

11. Talk Shit, Spit Blood

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The Devil's Outlaws (2008)

1. The Devil's Outlaw
2. Nightstalker

3. The Howl

4. Elena's Empty Tomb
5. The Bride

6. I Want'em Dead

7. Death City USA

8. Theater of Blood

9. Remember Me

10. My High Heels

11. Varla

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Monday, 9 June 2008

The Hydromatics

The Hydromatics are made up of Detroit rocker Scott Morgan (The Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Scots Pirates, Dodge Main), The Hellacopters' Nicke Royale, and two Dutch punks, Tony Slug (Loveslug, Nitwitz) and Theo Brouwer (Nitwitz, Big Paulus). They got together to record an album in February '99 in Amsterdam with studio wizard Evert Kaatee twiddling the knobs. The idea was to make a definitive hard rock album featuring Morgan's legendary voice. Both Slug and Royale are huge fans of Morgan's work with Sonic's Rendezvous Band in the '70s, and the had recorded two songs, "Heaven" "City Slang, " by the seminal Detroit/Ann Arbor band. When the Hellacopters made their U.S. debut in November '98 in New York City, Morgan joined the band for scorching encores of the above-mentioned songs. They also recorded a single, the ripping "Down Right Blue", produced by Daniel Rey with Morgan and Royale sharing the lead vocals, which has been released on Sub-Pop. When the Hellacopters returned to the U.S. in December, Morgan did some shows with them in the Mid-west adding more songs to their collective repertoire. Although they are from different generations and half a world apart geographically, Morgan and the Hellacopters fit together perfectly. Slug was in the loop in terms of getting Morgan and the Hellacopters together, and, always thinking, figured it would be great if he and his pal Nicke could get Morgan to record with them. Morgan jumped at the chance, as these guys understand his music and have a certain reverence for it. The plan was to give some of the old SRB tunes a proper studio recording as well as bringing in new songs. The results were impressive to say the least.
- Geoff Ginsberg, All Music Guide

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Parts Unknown (1999)

1. Earthy
2. Valentine Frankenstein
3. Dangerous
4. Runaway Slaves

5. Heaven

6. Get It Together

7. No Justice (in Rock 'n' Roll)

8. Getting There (Is Half the Fun)

9. 7 Come 11

10. Nailed

11. Calling LWA

12. Baby Won't Ya

format: mp3
bitrate: 192 kbps

Powerglide (2001)

1. Ready to Ball
2. RIP R'n'R
3. Soulbone

4. Asteroid B-612
5. Tumblin' Down
6. Love and Learn

7. Sweet Nothing
8. Powerglide

9. Hustlin'

10. Thrill
11. Green Eyed Soul

12. Do It Again

13. Electrophonic Tonic

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The Earth Is Shaking (2007)

1. Standin' at the Juke
2. Baby Jane
3. Mystically Yours
4. Streets of Amsterdam
5. Funball
6. Power and Glory
7. The Most
8. Speechless
9. All Down the Line
10. The Earth is Shaking
11. Detroit Leaning
12. Monumental

format: mp3
bitrate: 256kbps

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