Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tsunami Bomb

Bay Area punk combo Tsunami Bomb was formed around 1999 by bassist Dominic Davi, who was joined by vocalist Agent M, guitarist Mike Griffen, and drummer Gabe Lindeman. With their California punk influences sewed proudly to their sleeves, the members of Tsunami Bomb set about conquering America the old fashioned way -- with incessant touring. Tsunami Bomb was bolstered by the success of early 7" releases on A.F.I. bassist Hunter Bergan's Checkmate label, as well as a fan base built through the band's dogged touring schedule. Impressed with their tenacity, Cali indie Kung Fu (the Vandals, the Ataris) signed them in 2002 and released The Ultimate Escape full-length in September of that year. Tsunami Bomb headed out on the road once again in spring 2003, this time as part of the Warped Tour. Davi exited the band at the summer's end for personal reasons (later going on to form Love Equals Death), and Matt McKenzie joined on in his place. The Definitive Act appeared in the fall of 2004, and shortly after its release, Griffen left and was replaced on guitar by Jay Northington. The band continued to tour over the next year, releasing a live DVD along the way, but it would prove to be the band's last release, as Tsunami Bomb broke up in the fall of 2005, citing problems with the business end of the industry.
~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

Mayhem on the High Seas EP (1999)

1. 3 Days and 1000 Nights
2. Rotting Vampire Eyeballs

3. Cantare del Morte

4. Breakaway

128kbps mp3

The Invasion from Within EP (2000)

1. The Invasion with Within
2. Noone's Looking

3. No Good Very Bad Day

4. Marionette

5. Lemonade
6. ...Not Forever

192kbps mp3

The Ultimate Escape (2002)

1. Take the Reins
2. Russian Roulette
3. Say It if You Mean It

4. Roundabout

5. Top 40 Hit
6. 20 Going On

7. The Simple Truth

8. Headlights on a Hand Grenade
9. Count Me Out
10. El Diablo

11. In This Together

12. Swimming Through Molasses

192kbps mp3

The Definitive Act (2004)

1. Dawn on a Funeral Day
2. Being Alright
3. 5150
4. Safety Song
5. I Bought You
6. 4 Robots and an Evil Scientist
7. A Lonely Chord
8. Epic
9. Negative One to Ten
10. My Machete
11. Tetanus Shot
12. Jigsaw

192kbps mp3

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Historically significant Honeydive were among the founding bands of the Greek garage/rock n'roll scene, along with legendary bands like the Last Drive and Nightstalker. They were active between 1993-1995, while some years later, two of them (George Leitmer and Panos Tomaras) formed Engine-V, who move more into the stoner rock sound and still exist until today.

Frail (1993)

1. Realize
2. Fall

3. Chasing Dreams

4. Another Place Another Time

5. Fucked Up and Far from Home

6. Sugar
7. Strike Me Blind

8. Drive Mad

9. Brighter Days Ahead

10. Closer to Me
11. Kick Inside

192kbps mp3

Kick Inside/Closer to Me 7" (1993)

1. Kick Inside
2. Closer to Me

160kbps mp3

Ultraviolet EP (1994)

1. Shoot the Daylights
2. Longshot
3. Ultraviolet
4. Neverending

128kbps mp3

Monday, 9 March 2009

"Demons" part I

Coming out of the Swedish garage rock underground, the Stockholm quartet "Demons" started making their mark early in the scene. Formed in 1995, the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Mathias Carlsson, bassist Mathias "Muffins" Brink, drummer Micke Jacobsson, and guitarist Stefan Jonsson blended their love of the current punk scene with classic garage rock to produce a thick brand of high-octane rock & roll. A few compilation appearances led into their original Electrocute 7", their first album and the one that introduced them to the U.S. The following year, Steer Records released their ...Come Bursting Out! EP, an engaging record that teamed them with Hellacopters/Entombed producer Tomas Skogsberg. The group was invited to play the Gearfest in 2000, putting them alongside contemporaries like the Nomads and giving them the chance to reissue ...Come Bursting Out! on Gearhead Records the same year. Meanwhile, the group had been preparing for their first full-length record, and delivered Riot Salvation to the label only a month later. Both records immediately made them a high-profile force in the rock renaissance that was brewing, and a tour of the U.S. with the Dragons gave them greater exposure to American audiences. Another Gearfest appearance saw them share the stage with breakout sensations the Hives, and another U.S. version of the Gearfest made them the only band to play every single version of the festival. By the summer of 2002, the band had recorded Stockholm Slump with returning producer Skogsberg and released it in the fall of that year. A tour with the New Bomb Turks to support the record followed.
~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

...Come Bursting Out! (1998)

1. Voodoo Charm
2. Another Pretty Face

3. Teenage Dead

4. Kerosene Lane

5. Happy Blue

6. Dizzy

192kbps mp3

Riot Salvation (2000)

1. Some Days
2. Clock Strikes 13

3. Riot Salvation

4. Nothing Special

5. You're Gonna Trash Me

6. Stand Back

7. Revenge Party

8. The 69 Ways

9. Busted

10. Don't Get Cocky

11. Hurts to Smile

12. Beat-On-Me

160kbps mp3

Stockholm Slump (2002)

1. Blackballed
2. Degeneration Hotel
3. Devil in Me

4. Sabre Daddy-O

5. Sparkle

6. Hot Runnin' Blood

7. Undertaker's Lament

8. ...Come a Day

9. Gang Green Eyes

10. We Ain't Going Nowhere

11. Suburban Kid

12. Ends

192kbps mp3

Demonology 1995-2002 (2004)

1. Lost Dog
2. What's This Shit Called Love
3. Radios Appear Medley
4. Asshole
5. Where the Sun Don't Shine
6. Luney Tune
7. Teenage Dead
8. I'll Make You Sorry
9. Electrocute
10. Puss n' Boots
11. Riding on the Hearse
12. Beat on Me
13. Run Me Over
14. You Don't Want My Name
15. Busted
16. She
17. untitled

VBR mp3

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Datsuns

Although six months earlier people were telling New Zealand's Datsuns to give up, by mid-2002 London's music press was hailing them as "genius." By then the Datsuns had already been playing their brand of garage rock for six years, ever since they met at school in Cambridge and formed a band called Trinket. Back in 1997, as Trinket, they won the local radio station's Battle of the Bands. The following year, now called the Datsuns, they won again. In the years that followed the group released only a handful of singles, all on vinyl and all on their own record label, Hell Squad Records. While beloved of student radio and known for their live Who-like performances, they were a relatively unknown group even at home. Things started to look up in March 2001, when a tour of Australia caused a bit of a stir, especially in Melbourne. Encouraged, the Datsuns made plans to take on London. First it was the fickle London music press that flocked to the group's gigs, jostling with each other to hail the Datsuns as the greatest thing they'd seen. Record companies followed, waving checkbooks in their faces. One major-label boss flew in from New York to check out the action. Their London tour of duty had started with the band sleeping on other people's couches. Before long, at least one hopeful record company was fronting hotel bills. In July 2002 the band signed with the V2 label. The bandmembers then prepped for the domestic release of their self-titled effort, which appeared in 2002. Two years later the Datsuns returned with Outta Sight/Outta Mind. Smoke & Mirrors followed in 2006. The Datsuns released their fourth studio effort, Headstunts, on Cooking Vinyl in 2008.
~ Ed Nimmervol, All Music Guide

The Datsuns (2002)

1. Sittin' Pretty
2. MF from Hell

3. Lady

4. Harmonic Generator

5. What Would I Know

6. At Your Touch

7. Fink for the Man

8. In Love

9. You Build Me Up

10. Freeze Sucker

192kbps mp3

Outta Sight/Outta Mind (2004)

1. Blacken My Thumb
2. That Sure Ain't Right

3. Girl's Best Friend

4. Messin' Around

5. Cherry Lane
6. Get Up! (Don't Fight It)

7. Hong Kong Fury

8. What I've Lost
9. You Can't Find Me

10. Don't Come Knocking

11. Lucille 12. I Got No Words

VBR mp3

Smoke & Mirrors (2006)

1. Why Are You Stamping Your Foot for?
2. System Overload

3. Waiting for Your Time to Come
4. Stuck Here for Days

5. Maximum Heartbreak

6. All Aboard
7. Such a Pretty Curse

8. Blood Red

9. Emperor's New Clothes

10. Too Little Fire

192kbps mp3

Headstunts (2008)

1. Human Error
2. Hey! Paranoid People! (What's in Your Head?)

3. Your Bones

4. Ready, Set, Go!

5. Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake

6. Eye of the Needle

7. So Long

8. Crule Cruel Fate

9. Highschool Hoodlums

10. Cry Crybaby
11. Pite Pite Please

12. Somebody Better

VBR mp3

2 EPs + 1 single

Peel Session (2002)
1. Fink for the Man
2. Lady
3. Harmonic Generator
4. Super Gyration
5. Freeze Sucker
6. Transistor
7. Good Night Now

Harmonic Generator (2003)
1. Harmonic Generator
2. Sittin' Pretty
3. Fink for the Man

Stuck Here for Days EP (2006)
1. Stuck Here for Days
2. Kick & a Bang
3. Sky Is Falling
4. One Eye Open

variable bitrate mp3

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