Monday, 9 March 2009

"Demons" part I

Coming out of the Swedish garage rock underground, the Stockholm quartet "Demons" started making their mark early in the scene. Formed in 1995, the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Mathias Carlsson, bassist Mathias "Muffins" Brink, drummer Micke Jacobsson, and guitarist Stefan Jonsson blended their love of the current punk scene with classic garage rock to produce a thick brand of high-octane rock & roll. A few compilation appearances led into their original Electrocute 7", their first album and the one that introduced them to the U.S. The following year, Steer Records released their ...Come Bursting Out! EP, an engaging record that teamed them with Hellacopters/Entombed producer Tomas Skogsberg. The group was invited to play the Gearfest in 2000, putting them alongside contemporaries like the Nomads and giving them the chance to reissue ...Come Bursting Out! on Gearhead Records the same year. Meanwhile, the group had been preparing for their first full-length record, and delivered Riot Salvation to the label only a month later. Both records immediately made them a high-profile force in the rock renaissance that was brewing, and a tour of the U.S. with the Dragons gave them greater exposure to American audiences. Another Gearfest appearance saw them share the stage with breakout sensations the Hives, and another U.S. version of the Gearfest made them the only band to play every single version of the festival. By the summer of 2002, the band had recorded Stockholm Slump with returning producer Skogsberg and released it in the fall of that year. A tour with the New Bomb Turks to support the record followed.
~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

...Come Bursting Out! (1998)

1. Voodoo Charm
2. Another Pretty Face

3. Teenage Dead

4. Kerosene Lane

5. Happy Blue

6. Dizzy

192kbps mp3

Riot Salvation (2000)

1. Some Days
2. Clock Strikes 13

3. Riot Salvation

4. Nothing Special

5. You're Gonna Trash Me

6. Stand Back

7. Revenge Party

8. The 69 Ways

9. Busted

10. Don't Get Cocky

11. Hurts to Smile

12. Beat-On-Me

160kbps mp3

Stockholm Slump (2002)

1. Blackballed
2. Degeneration Hotel
3. Devil in Me

4. Sabre Daddy-O

5. Sparkle

6. Hot Runnin' Blood

7. Undertaker's Lament

8. ...Come a Day

9. Gang Green Eyes

10. We Ain't Going Nowhere

11. Suburban Kid

12. Ends

192kbps mp3

Demonology 1995-2002 (2004)

1. Lost Dog
2. What's This Shit Called Love
3. Radios Appear Medley
4. Asshole
5. Where the Sun Don't Shine
6. Luney Tune
7. Teenage Dead
8. I'll Make You Sorry
9. Electrocute
10. Puss n' Boots
11. Riding on the Hearse
12. Beat on Me
13. Run Me Over
14. You Don't Want My Name
15. Busted
16. She
17. untitled

VBR mp3


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Awesome band.

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