Friday, 28 October 2011

Black Mekon

These two vicious bastards (Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon) were named after the legendary Black Mekong, illegitimate children of prostitutes visited by missionary preachers, abandoned to fend for themselves on the banks of The Mekong River.
Raised in a whorehouse by drunk dockworkers in a town called Christ’s Gasoline, they were born with only one arm between them and grew up selling sand to sailors and wrestling vermin and wives for the amusement of the locals. The rest of their upbringing is steeped in myth and told mostly in sea shanties, according to legend they escaped on a raft made of old Cramps and Doo Rag 45s using John Lee Hooker and Pussy Galore vinyl to paddle themselves to more familiar shores.

Somewhere along the line they acquired 3 more arms, a gypsy curse, drumsticks and a guitar, and ran into a fellow bluesman on the lam, Stunt Pussy, who agreed to help them whenever they needed to sing for their supper.

The live show? Blistering in-the-red punk blues, their travelling club (The Tight Pussy) has graced shores all over Europe and the US, 3 successful tours of South America and has designs on planting itself firmly in your lap next.

"We do not sing tales for tales sake, we can only approach this at 300mph with no regard for personal safety or truth. Your party needs us, as every good party does, for insecurity, tightrope-ing and hot lava. Black Mekon is your daddy, baby."

None of what you read may be true, all of what you hear is.

Serve it up!

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Free Range Hassle (2008)

192kbps mp3

split EP w/Vinny and the Curse (2009)

320kbps mp3

Live at the Tight Pussy (2009)

320kbps mp3

Broke Into Always On (2010)

192kbps mp3

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Wednesdays

"If you go back into the dark foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and listen to the lonely wail of an old freight train, you will hear the roots of the Wednesdays. There are guns, there are bombs, there are riots in the street, and on the T.V. sets of America discord thrives like a rabid wolf. There has never been world peace. There has never been spiritual peace. Mothers cry for children. In Deep South Alabama the circle goes unbroken. Within this all, there is a fire. The Wednesdays are three brothers from Dixie pounding out rhythms like a thousand coal mining hammers. Alabama. The Old South. Home of the burning church. The land of corn, crows, bibles, and bullets. There are no heroes, there is only music. It is a Fire."

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Midnight Songs in Time of War (1999)

256kbps mp3

Fury (2001)

VBR mp3

You Will Gasp and They Will Breathe (2003)

192kbps mp3

Invisible Youth (2005)

VBR mp3

3 EPs & 3 singles

1. The Wednesdays EP (1997)
2. American Midnight EP (1997)
3. Spirit War single (2001)
4. Mystery single (2003)
5. split single w/the Immortal Lee County Killers (2003)
6. Liberty EP (2004)

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Saturday, 15 October 2011


Deltahead hail from Stockholm, Sweden and are a duo; a toting guitar and a stand-up bass and each packing a 28” Ludwig kick. Their sound is a bizarre mutation of Hasil Adkins, laced with deadly doses of ‘76 punk and delta blues. On stage, their brutal hybrid of punk and blues explodes like a black asphalt molotov cocktail leaving the survivors witness to a raging inferno beyond anything ever experienced.

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Peace & Junk & Drums EP (2004)

192kbps mp3

Deltahead (2006)

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Friday, 7 October 2011

This Is Boston, Not L.A. (1982)

For many punk rock enthusiasts, Boston isn't the first city that comes to mind when thinking of American cities that boasted a strong punk scene in the late '70s and early '80s. While Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco were famous for their punk scenes, Boston's punk scene didn't enjoy nearly as much publicity. But make no mistake: Boston was a punk hotbed back then, and Modern Method Records tried to spread the word with this obscure but excellent compilation. Released in 1982, This Is Boston, Not L.A. spotlights seven Boston punk bands of the late '70s and early '80s: Jerry's Kids, Gang Green, the F.U.'s, the Freeze, the Proletariat, Decadence, and the Groinoids. While the Proletariat -- a very political band with Marxist/socialist leanings -- is heavily influenced by British punk, most of the other bands have more in common with L.A. residents like Black Flag and the Circle Jerks. But whoever their influences are, all of these bands have very substantial, hard-hitting lyrics -- the subject matter ranges from alcoholism on the Freeze's "It's Only Alcohol" and war on Gang Green's "Kill a Commie" to the excesses of slam dancing on Decadence's "Slam". This Is Boston, Not L.A. isn't the last word on Boston's late '70s/early '80s punk scene, but it paints an impressive picture of the Beantown punks who were active during that era.
~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

Jerry's Kids:
1. Straight Jacket
2. Uncontrollable
3. Wired
4. Desperate
5. Pressure
6. Don't Wanna
The Proletariat:
7. Options
8. Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses
9. Allegiance
The Groinoids:
10. Angel
The F.U.'s:
11. Preskool Dropouts
12. Radio Unix U.S.A
13. Green Beret
14. Time Is Money
Gang Green:
15. Snob
16. Lie Lie
17. I Don't Care
18. Rabies
19. Narrow Mind
20. Kill A Commie
21. Have Fun
22. Slam
The Freeze:
23. Broken Bones
24. Idiots At Happy Hour
25. Now Or Never
26. Sacrifice Not Suicide
27. It's Only Alcohol
28. Trouble If You Hide
29. Time Bomb
30. Boston Not LA

192kbps mp3

Saturday, 1 October 2011


When Hillstomp members Henry Kammerer and John Johnson met in 2001 in Portland, OR, at one of Kammerer's solo shows, Johnson had never been that interested in the blues. He was, however, interested in the self-taught slide guitar music that Kammerer was playing, and though he had studied jazz saxophone in school and was playing bass for local alternative rock bands, he agreed to play drums with Kammerer. Using a homemade kit, Johnson, with Kammerer on vocals and guitar, began to develop a unique style of country blues, releasing the debut album One Word in 2004. They followed up with The Woman That Ended the World in 2006.
~ Marisa Brown, All Music Guide

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One Word (2004)

320kbps mp3

The Woman that Ended the World (2006)

224kbps mp3

After Two but Before Eight (2007)

320kbps mp3

Darker the Night (2010)

192kbps mp3

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