Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jack Oblivian & the Tennessee Tearjerkers

After the Oblivians disbanded and after pursuing a brief solo career, Jack Yarber teamed up with Scott Bomar to form the Tearjearkers. As Bomar became more and more involved with film scoring, Yarber began to take a more active role in the band, ultimately taking over as lead songwriter after Bomar's departure. With Yarber in control of the group, the band was rechristened the Tennessee Tearjerkers.

Bad Moon Rising (2001)

192kbps mp3

Don't Throw Your Love Away (2004)

192kbps mp3

The Flip Side Kid (2006)

192kbps mp3

The Disco Outlaw (2009)

VBR mp3

3 singles

Chills and Fever (2005)

Dirty Nails (2006)

split w/Mannequin Men (2010)

variable bitrate mp3

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Jack Oblivian

Jack Oblivian is Jack Yarber's stage name, and was among the founders of the Oblivians and the Compulsive Gamblers. After the Compulsive Gamblers split up, and when he didn't put time into the Tennessee Tearjerkers, Jack Oblivian released some solo stuff.

American Slang (1997)

192kbps mp3

So Low (1998)

192kbps mp3

Saturday Night part 2 (2009)

192kbps mp3

3 singles

Black Boots/John Holmes Blues (2006)

Drinking Women's Milk/15 Beers (Jack Oblivian & the Cigarillos, 2008)

Sweet Thang (2009)

variable bitrate mp3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Shake'em On Down: The Real Country Blues (1994)

01. Fred Mcdowell - Shake 'em On Down
02. Big Joe Williams - Sloppy Drunk Blues
03. Bukka White - Alabama Blues
04. Sleepy John Estes - Need More Blues
05. Furry Lewis - Judge Boushay Blues
06. Robert Pete Williams - Pardon Denied Again
07. Smoky Babe - Rabbit Blues
08. Big Joe Williams - Take Me Out Of The Bottom
09. Fred Mcdowell - Fred's Worried Life Blues
10. R.L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie
11. Joe Callicott - Come Home To Me, Baby
12. Clarence Edwards - Smokestack Lightning
13. Fred Mcdowell - Write Me A Few Lines
14. Smoky Babe - Mississippi River
15. Robert Pete Williams - Just Tippin' In
16. Big Joe Williams - She Left Me A Mule To Ride
17. Houston Stackhouse - Canned Heat
18. Johnny Woods - Three O'clock In The Morning
19. Nathan Beauregard - 'Bout A Spoonful
20. Robert Nighthawk with Carey Mason - You Call Yourself A Cadillac
21. Johnny Young and Otis Spann - Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business
22. Napoleon Strickland - Oh, Baby

VBR mp3

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Loveslug were formed in 1987 by Tony Leeuwenburgh, who, in the first part of the '80s, made a name for himself with punk band the Nitwitz and hardcore band B.G.K. Frank Sloos was a former member of party punk band Outrageous, and Mike de Veer used to play in hardcore band Funeral Oration and '60s garage band Plainfield. For Brenzev, Loveslug is his first band. Loveslug were influenced by the likes of Radio Birdman, the Stooges, Ramones, Ted Nugent and MC5. They are considered a strong influence on the european punk/rock n' roll scene which emerged in the mid-90's and later. In 1994, Loveslug came to an unfortunate end due to De Veer's condition of diabetes. Sloos later joined the Kliek and the Treble Spankers, while Leeuwenburgh reformed the Nitwitz.

Strike Me Blind demo (1987)

320kbps mp3

Slug'em All (1988)

320kbps mp3

Beef Jerky (1990)

320kbps mp3

Snail House Rock (1990)

320kbps mp3

Circus of Values (1991)

VBR mp3

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

King Sound Quartet

Mick Collins – vocals, guitar
Tim Kerr – guitar
Alex Cuervo – bass
Stephanie Friedman – drums

Founded in 1996, the King Sound Quartet began as four very different personalities coming together to make music with soul. Not wanting to limit themselves to one particular niche, the KSQ drew on 60’s soul, R&B, garage rock, hardcore punk, and free-jazz (see their 20-minute version of Sun Ra’s "Space Is The Place"). They are recognized as a super group of underground no-counts. Under the guidance of Young Lion Conspirator Tim Kerr (formerly of the Big Boys, POISON 13!!, and currently of the Lord High Fixers), the band cranked out some incredibly inspired music that resulted in their vinyl-only LP on In The Red and an excellent single on Estrus. After the initial recording sessions, everybody went back to his or her usual bands and day jobs - no live shows were ever performed. In the year 2000 a second album was planned with Matt Verta-Ray (Speedball Baby) joining the fold as an additional guitarist. This session failed due to differences too vast to list here, and, unfortunately, served as the final nail (and all the dirt) on the KSQ coffin.

Annihilate This Week single (1996)

128kbps mp3

The Getdown Imperative (1997)

256kbps mp3

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Zyklon Bees - Seven Mean Runs (2005)

The Zyklon Bees are actually Brimstone Howl before they changed their name due to the controversy it attracted. Seven Mean Runs is their only release under the Zyklon Bees name, and it was also re-released later under the name Brimstone Howl.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tex and the Horseheads

Usually lumped in the same stylistic pen as bands like the Gun Club, Tex and the Horseheads were a Los Angeles-based cowpunk band fronted by the proto-Courtney Love-esque singer Texacala Jones. Getting their start amidst the burgeoning paisley scene of L.A. in the early '80s, Tex and the Horseheads would only record two studio full-lengths and one live record before calling it a day prior to the end of the decade. Their first, a self-titled affair released on Enigma in 1984, was followed by the John Doe (of X and the Knitters fame) produced Life's so Cool in 1985. Tot Ziens, a live document released by Enigma Holland in 1985 showed the band in rather ranting, albeit poorly recorded, form, and that was to be the end of their output. Jones and bassist Mike Martt would regroup a few more times for reunion shows, and Jones appearing with other bands and getting small parts in independent films, but for all intents and purposes, Tex and the Horseheads' career was as short as most of the rather self-destructive bands which spawned from the scene they came up in.
~ Chris True, All Music Guide

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Tex and the Horseheads (1984)

192kbps mp3

Life's so Cool (1985)

320kbps mp3

Tot Ziens: Live in Holland (1986)

160kbps mp3

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Johnny Thunders tributes

I Only Wrote This Song for You (1993)

1. Patti Palladin - Leave Me Alone (Chatterbox)
2. Michael Monroe - Disappointed In You
3. Arthur Kane - In Cold Blood (Not In Vain)
4. Wayne Kramer - Children Are People Too
5. David Johansen - Some Hearts
6. Sylvain Sylvain - Society Makes Me Sad
7. Alison Gordy - Just Another Girl
8. Filthy Lucre - Can't Kick
9. Willy Deville - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
10. Die Toten Hosen - Diary Of A Lover
11. Ramones - I Love You
12. Walter Lure And The Waldos - Let Go
13. Michael Monroe - So Alone
14. Los Lobos - Alone In A Crowd
15. The Screwballs - Help The Homeless

192kbps mp3

Stranded in the Doll's House (1997)

1. The 69 Eyes & Andy McCoy - Vietnamese Baby
2. Joe Alcohol & The Hong Kong Knife - Countdown Love
3. Backyard Babies - One Track Mind
4. Kevin K Band - Blame It On Mom
5. Fifi & The Mach III - Pirate Love
6. Freddy Lynxx - You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory
7. Jeff Dahl & The Remains - Born To Lose
8. Demons - Puss 'n' Boots
9. T.V. Killers - Get Off The Phone
10. Rocket Reducers - Stranded In The Jungle
11. Sonic Dolls - I Wanna Be Loved
12. Kevin Junior - It's Not Enough
13. The Golden Arms - London Boys
14. The Hellacopters - It's Too Late
15. Road Vultures & Cheetah Chrome - Chatter Box
16. The Zolge & Walter Lure - Chinese Rocks
17. Haruhiko Ash - Jet Boy
18. New York Dolls - Omake

320kbps mp3

I Only Play R&R for Kids to Dance (1998)

1. Cosa Nostra Band - Cosa Nostra
2. Little Bob - Downtown
3. Elli M. & Jacno - It's Not Enough
4. Axel Bauer - So Alone
5. The Weird Sins - She's So Untouchable
6. Blankass - Sad Vacation
7. Dominic Sonic - You Can't Put Your Arms 'round A Memory
8. The Kingsnakes - Born To Loose
9. Bebe Buell - Little Bit O'whore
10. Posada - Chatterbox
11. The Pogo - Baby Talk
12. L.S.D. - La Fille De New York
13. Dogs - I Wanna Be Loved
14. Chris Wilson - Crime Of The Century
15. Steve Dior & Sylvain Sylvain - Overloaded
16. Freddy Lynxx & The Jet Boys - Pirate Love
17. Barry Jones - Goodbye Johnny
18. Jeff Dahl - Chinese Rock
19. Ze Watchmain - Personality Crisis
20. F.F.F. - Cool Operator

VBR mp3

Again... This One's for J.O.H.N.N.Y. (2001)

1. Backyard Babies - One Track Mind
2. Ramones - I Love You
3. Ronnie Spector - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
4. Nikki Sudden - Have Faith
5. S. Vincent & Safety Pins - Chatterbox
6. Atom Rhumba - Downtown
7. La Secta - I Wanna Be Loved
8. The Sabrejets - Little Bit o'Whore

320kbps mp3

Born to Lose (2003)

1. Johnny Thunders & The Ballbusters - In Cold Blood
2. The Apostles - 7 Day Weekend
3. Barseros - Too Much Junkie Business
4. The Dead End Kids - All By Myself
5. Stations - Pirate Love
6. The Crooks - Go Back To Go
7. Drugstore Cowboys - Chinese Rocks
8. Little White Pills - I Wanna Be Loved
9. JJ Speedball - Going Steady
10. Delorian's Stray Bullets - Baby Talk
11. The Needles - Count Down Love
12. Strap-Ons - Can't Keep My Eyes On You
13. Pukes - One Track Mind
14. Horny Italians - Blame It On Mom
15. Mouthguard - Mia
16. Rocket City Riot - Leave Me Alone
17. Speedfreaks - Get Off The Phone
18. Bad Dog Boogie - Do You Love Me
19. Doom Kounty Electric Chair - Milk Me
20. Vorwarts - Let Go
21. Scrumfeeder - Great Big Kiss
22. Hooples - Born Too Loose
23. Freddy Lynxx - I Love You

320kbps mp3

Valley of the Tokyo Dolls (2004)

1. The's - Chatter Box
2. Violets - I Love You
3. Jet Boys - Seven Days Weekend
4. Joe Alcohol - Blame It On Mom
5. The Sect - Let Go
6. The Gimmies - M.I.A
7. Missles - Born To Lose
8. Supersnazz - Lookin'for A Kiss
9. Jackie & Enocky - Personality Crisis
10. The Strawberry Mud Pie! - Get Off The Phone
11. Rant & Rave - King Of The Gypsy
12. Boyfriends - Pirate Love
13. Mr Pan & Ann - One Track Mind
14. Mad3 - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

320kbps mp3

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