Friday, 30 May 2008

Karma to Burn

Formed in Hicksville, WV, by guitarist William, bassist Dickie, and drummer Nicholas, Karma to Burn is a highly original heavy rock band, who has insisted on remaining an instrumental combo. The band doesn't even name their songs, simply assigning them numbers as they are written. This unconventional stance made it hard for the band to find a record deal, and when they finally signed with Roadrunner Records in late 1996, it was under the condition that they find a singer. After drafting J. Jarosz for vocal duties, the band released their self-titled debut in early 1997, earning widespread critical accolades for their dark, trance-like metal riffs. The album sold poorly, however, and they soon fired Jarosz and returned to their instrumental format, prompting Roadrunner to drop the band. After replacing Nicholas with new drummer Rob, the band recorded their second album, Wild Wonderful Purgatory, for independent MIA Records in 1999.

~ Ed Rivadavia, All Music Guide

Karma to Burn (1997)

1. Ma Petite Mort
2. Bobbi, Bobbi, Bobbi - I'm Not God

3. Patty Hearst's Closet Mantra

4. Mt.Penetrator

5. Eight

6. Appalachian Woman

7. Twenty Four Hours
8. Six-Gun Sucker Punch

9. Thirteen

10. (Waltz of the) Playboy Pallbearers

11. Twin Sisters and Half a Bottle of Bourbon
12. Six

format: mp3
Bitrate 192kbps

Wild Wonderful Purgatory (1999)

1. 20
2. 28

3. 30

4. 31

5. 29

6. 32

7. 25

8. 26

9. 1

10. 3

11. 7

12. 8

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Almost Heathen (2001)

1. Nineteen
2. Thirty Eight

3. Thirty Four

4. Thirty Seven

5. Thirty Nine

6. Thirty Six

7. Thirty Three

8. Thirty Five

9. Five

10. Forty

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Compulsive Gamblers

Folding together equal portions of greasy '50s pop, Memphis-style rhythm & blues, and a punk rocker's sense of casual experimentation and musical cross breeding, the Compulsive Gamblers were at the forefront of the Memphis roots punk scene, alongside such bands as the Gibson Bros. and '68 Comeback, creating a sound that was at once sinister, comical, and full of potent groove. The Compulsive Gamblers were formed in Memphis, TN, in 1990 by Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber, two friends who had played in a number of rough and ready punk bands in the deep south. Originally calling themselves the Painkillers, by 1991 guitar maulers Cartwright and Yarber were joined by Philip "Flipper" Tubb on keyboards, drummer Rod "Bushrod" Thomas, and fiddler Greg Easterly, and the new handle the Compulsive Gamblers was adopted. Hitting the Memphis club circuit, the band recorded a four-song EP, Joker, in someone's kitchen in late 1991; released a year later, the record helped to win them a local following, and two more discs, Church Goin' and Goodtime, followed in 1994. However, while the singles did reasonably well and the band began developing a powerful reputation on the road as a first-class live act, after Thomas and Easterly relocated to New Orleans, it became difficult for the band to hold together, and in 1995 the band broke up, with their recordings compiled on a CD released by Sympathy for the Record Industry, Gamblin' Days Are Over. Cartwright and Yarber almost immediately re-emerged with a new group, the Oblivians (in which they renamed themselves Greg Oblivian and Jack Oblivian), but after the Oblivians folded in 1997, Greg and Jack opted to give the Compulsive Gamblers another try, this time as a three-piece with Thomas back behind the drums. The new Compulsive Gamblers trio released an album, Bluff City, in 1999, and added bassist Jeff Meier for a European tour later that year. Brendan Lee Spengler signed on as keyboardist in time to record the Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing album, and a live set followed in 2003. The Compulsive Gamblers also had the honor of backing up R&B legend Andre Williams on several cuts on his album The Black Godfather.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Gamblin' Days Are Over (1995)

1. Telstar

2. Bad Taste
3. Way Down in the Hole
4. Dead Waltz
5. Sour and Vicious Man
6. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
7. Walking the Balustrade
8. Scaring Myself
9. Capon'e Finest
10. Name a Drink After You
11. Quit This Town
12. They Call Me Names
13. Phoney Lesbians
14. Gamblin' Days Are Over
15. I See You Everywhere
16. Handful of Burning Sand
17. Devil in My Back Pocket
18. Feel Good Music
19. Good Time
20. Mind in the Gutter

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps

Bluff City (1999)

1. My Love Is a Monster
2. X-Ray Eyes

3. Mystery Girl

4. Pepper Spray Boogie

5. I Call You Mine

6. One-Eyed Girl

7. I Don't Want to Laugh at You

8. New Romance

9. You Don't Want Me
10. Don't Come Looking for Me Now

11. Trouble

12. Don't Haunt Me

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing (2000)

1. The Way I Feel About You
2. Pepper Spray Boogie
3. Whole Lotta Woman
4. Negative Jerk
5. Stop & Think It Over
6. I'm That Guy
7. Wait a Bit, Joe
8. Your Happiness
9. Rock & Roll Nurse
10. Two Thieves

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pierced Arrows

After the totally unexpected demise of underground legends Dead Moon in the end of 2006, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. They recruited drummer Kelly Halliburton in April 2007, and soon the Pierced Arrows were up and running, playing live shows in the Northwest of the USA and recording songs for upcoming releases. Pierced Arrows pick up, musically, where Dead Moon left off - a lo-fi assault on the senses played with the sincerity and feeling that made DM such a special band for all of their fans around the world.

Official site

Myspace site

Straight to the Heart (2008)

1. Guns of Thunder
2. Black Rainbows
3. Caroline
4. In my Brain
5. Walking Wounded
6. Shades
7. Mr.Soul
8. Frankenstein
9. The Wait
10. C-U
11. Up on a Cloud
12. Lost
13. Hills on Fire

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Monday, 26 May 2008

The Hellacopters videos

Everything's on TV

format: mpg

I'm in the Band

format: mpg

By the Grace of God

format: mpg

Carry Me Home

format: mpg

Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial

format: mpg

Toys and Flavors

format: mpg

No Song Unheard

format: mpg

The Devil Stole the Beat from the Lord

format: avi

Move Right Out of Here

format: mpg


format: mpg

(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!

format: mpg

In the Sign of the Octopus

format: avi

Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster are a psychosis rock band from Brighton, England, formed in 1999. The band's sound is dark and blues-influenced, with wild crooning vocals, deep bass lines and tom-heavy tribal drumming.

Official site
Myspace site

Horse of the Dog (2002)

1. Celebrate Your Mother
2. Chicken

3. Whack of Shit
4. Psychosis Safari

5. Giant Bones

6. Fish Fingers

7. Charge the Guns

8. Morning Has Broken

9. Team Meat

10. Presidential Wave

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Royal Society (2004)

1. Rise of the Eagles
2. I Could Be an Angle
3. When I Hear You Call My Name
4. Migrate Migraine
5. Puppy Dog Snails
6. The Dancing Girls
7. The Fool
8. I Rejection
9. Drunk on the Blood
10. Mister Mental
11. Freud's Black Muck
12. Temple Music
13. The Men of the Way of the Stuff

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Oblivians part II

The Sympathy Sessions (1996)

1. Can't Last Another Night
2. Happy Blues

3. Never Enough

4. Feel Real Good

5. I'm Not a Sicko, There's a Plate in my Head

6. Five Hour Man

7. Shut My Mouth

8. Show Me What You Like
9. Clones
10. No Time
11. What RocknRoll Is All About
12. Memphis Creep
13. Something for Nothing
14. Big Black Hole
15. Can't Afford You
16. Kick Your Ass
17. No Butter for My Bread
18. Show Me Again

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Play 9 Songs with Mr.Quintron (1997)

1. Feel All Right
2. Live the Life

3. I May Be Gone

4. I Don't Wanna Live Alone

5. Final Stretch

6. What's the Matter Now
7. Ride that Train

8. If Mother Knew

9. Mary Lou

format: mp3
bitrate: 256kbps

Melissa's Garage Revisited (1999)

1. It Don't Take Too Much
2. Rockin' in the Graveyard
3. Don't Worry
4. Dearest Darling
5. We're Not in It to Lose
6. Someday My Prince Will Come
7. The Darker the erry
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Bending like a Willow Tree

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

Oblivians part I

Deadbolt part III

I Should Have Killed You (2005)

1. I Should Have Killed You
2. Scary Voodoo Girl

3. Telephone the Dead

4. When the Lights Come On

5. Hell Dorado

6. Spot Where They Gunned Him Down

7. Every Minute of the Day

8. She Ran Away

9. El Segundo

10. Tell Me Where He Lies

11. Big John

12. Fright Wig

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Voodoo Trucker (2007)

1. Billy's Dead
2. Voodoo Trucker
3. Truck Driving S.O.B.
4. Red Cooley
5. Voodoo Curse
6. McGortsy
7. Blacktop Fever
8. Whereabouts Unknown
9. What Can I Do
10. Roadside Cross
11. The Mocker
12. Let's Truck
13. Lone Highway
14. Trucker's Rumble

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Deadbolt part I
Deadbolt part II
Deadbolt - Hobo Babylon (2001)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The New Christs

The New Christs was an Australian rock and roll band, led by Rob Younger, with various lineups through the 80s, 90s. Younger was singer in the influential Australian band Radio Birdman. The New Christs were by far the best band in Australia in the '80s and one of the greatest rock and roll bands the world has ever seen, driven by Rob's pissed-off attitude and some of the best musicians ever put together.

Distemper (1989)

1. No Way on Earth
2. There's No Time

3. Another Sin

4. The March

5. The Burning of Rome

6. Afterburn

7. Circus of Sour

8. Coming Apart

9. Bed of Nails

10. Love's Underground

11. Disconnected

format: mp3
bitrate: 256kbps

Lower Yourself (1997)

1. We Have Landed
2. When

3. Lower Yourself

4. Jenny

5. From On High

6. Fuzz Expo

7. Asphalt

8. Truly Unaware
9. Annalise

10. Party Time

11. Big City

12. I Come Cheap

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

We Got This! (2002)

1. We Got This!
2. First Plane Home
3. Shivnarine
4. Groovy Times
5. He's Too Slow
6. Impeachment
7. Spit It Out
8. Nadir (Is It You?)
9. Sombrero
10. Sunny Day Sun
11. Khartoum
12. On Top of Me
13. I Deny Everything
14. Intercourse
15. The Party Died

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The New Christs - These Rags
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