Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diamond Dogs part I

The Diamond Dogs is a Swedish rock band founded in Katrineholm during the early nineties by vocalist Sören 'Sulo' Karlsson and guitarist Anders 'Boba' Lindström. The line-up has changed several times throughout the bands career and has included members from bands such as the Hellacopters, Stefan Sundström's back-up band, Wilmer X, Patti Palladin, Dogs D’Amour, Nymphet Noodlers, Hedros & Hellberg and the Soundtrack Of Our Lives, however the band's music has always been rooted in 1970's rock. The band has also toured extensively with bands such as Hanoi Rocks, the Damned, Nazareth, Georgia Satellites, Ian Hunter and the Cult.

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Honked! (1994)

192kbps mp3

Among the Non Believers EP (2000)

320kbps mp3

As Your Greens Turn Brown (2001)

192kbps mp3

Shortplayer EP (2002)

192kbps mp3

Too Much Is Better than Not Enough (2002)

192kbps mp3

Diamond Dogs part II


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Anonymous said...

Such taste in rock and roll. I have enjoyed looking through your blog very much!

Any chance you have access to preview of the new Diamond Dogs? Thanks!

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