Monday, 9 April 2012


KSMB never fared very well with the critics. But while they've always stood in the shadows of the critically hailed Ebba Grön, at their height of fame in the early '80s they were able to draw almost as big crowds. Where Ebba Grön were angry and serious and in some ways lyrical, KSMB were more playful and had a stronger "don't give a damn" attitude. Maybe KSMB didn't have the same talent when it came to lyrics, but this, together with their approach and their singalong friendliness, in a way only made them more punk. After their first album, KSMB developed a slightly softer sound, similar to what would later be called punk-pop. The band only held together until 1982, but the last year it was one of the most popular live acts in Sweden. After that, KSMB members were involved with other bands (Strindberg, Stockholms Negrer) until they reunited in 1993, but that didn't prove very successful.
~ Lars Lovén, All Music Guide

Aktion (1980)

320kbps mp3

Rika Barn Leka Bäst (1981)

VBR mp3

Dé é för Mycké (1982)

256kbps mp3

Sardjentpepper (1989)

192kbps mp3

En Gång Till (1994)

256kbps mp3

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